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Networking Marketing And Professional some thoughts analysis

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Dear all,May be i was late this topic but recently i was being bumped with this topic called Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing from bussiness area to flow over my engineering carrier. Some of my collogues put away what their current carrier and jump over there and told me that it was benifits. I went down to their seminar or presentation and found out a lot of strange thinking process by mentally and persued the terms like "make money hard for you" "passive income" "scure the finance" "come true your dreams" "cash flow, rat race" etc..I found out some thoughts are right and some are not. So confusing and ask myself that whether i need a money or not. Yes, of course i need it for my continue study. i digged out google about this concern and found out sites like pyramidschemealert.org, falseprofits.com and etc. So is this industry frud or ???If there any profession out there can share a littol more about this would be appreciated. Well, i have a strong base on educational minded and making bussiness is not so familiar to me. This is not like i was a part time sale promoter or waitar while i was studying and how's your envoriment around yours has this kind of threads. I've read that this technology has arose since around 1980 era.. How should we apply it in our daily applied sience against to our educational goals and main professions/carriers??thanks community. :mellow:

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