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Madden 06 On Psp Is Junk

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I recently purchased Madden 06 for my PSP. I couldn't resist. How cool is it to carry Madden around with you?


Well now I know it would be pretty cool if it was executed better.


Don't get me wrong. The basics are there. 3d graphics and same basic in-game play as its console brethern, but it seems that EA Sports has released a development build as a retail product!


It is chocked full of bugs, and on top of those there are plenty of annoyances.


The game chokes up and snags on some things, especially in gameplay. Almost anytime there is a tackle, the game freezes for a second while it loads (what I assume is) the animation from the disc. This is also the same for the text that comes up after the play (eg "Touchdown!", "4th Down!", "Turnover on Downs", etc).


When you are scouting draft picks in Franchise mode the background under the text for name, position, and college is black as is the text! So you can't read it.


Sometimes on the screens displayed while loading games or drills the images flash repeatedly or don't display at all.


There is a major bug that occurs when playing Franchise mode. When are playing your season using the "Weekly Schedule" view, when you comeout of the game back to the Schedule, the system shutsdown! WTF? Tiburon, the Madden developers have suggested using the "Team schedule" view to avoid this.


I have a suggestion for Tiburon and EA. Recall this piece!


I am pretty sure that I am going to return it. If you're not convinced yet, please don't buy it. Try it with a rental first, you'll be glad you did.

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That really stinks - I understand having a few bugs in a new game, but so many and so serious? That's just stupid. I don't have a PSP, but thanks for the heads-up. If I run into someone who's thinking of buying this title, I'll tell 'em to rent it first and see what they really think.

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