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The Twisted Wish Game Wish a Wish; Get it Twisted

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Anyone ever heard of The Twisted Wish Game?! It's the forum game that's sweeping the nation! ... actually, it's not sweeping the nation, but I do like the game, and bet you will too.


The Rules and Guidelines:

To begin, I will post my wish; this can be WHATEVER. I mean it - it doesn't matter. Go wild.


Once I have made my wish, the next person to reply will thusly TWIST my wish - in other words, make some cockamamy story to make my wish go awry. Afterwards, he posts his own wish... and the cycle continues.


On posting wishes, don't make them too obscene and dom't make them idiotic to try to prove your intelligence - have fun with it.


When you twist a wish, it's much better if you actually twist a wish, showing how it occurs, etc. Saying, "you almost get your wish but then your head pops off" just won't cut it.


And there you go. I will not start the game with the first wish:


I wish for cheese fondue.


(A note to the Mods: if this thread is in the wrong location, feel free to move it as you so please!)

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