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British Caught Carrying Out Staged Terror Attack? who is the real terrorist?

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America and their allegiences are the one who causes the trouble in the middle east. Not the locals. It is the same to what happened around the globe. These people need someone to blame on, and they use Muslims as the black sheep.

Yesterday, some Britain commando go at a public, dressing as locals and start shooting and killing Iraqi police. Eventually, they was cought alive and jailed. Then, some group of Brit army with tanks and chopper bashed the jail and take them away. THIS IS RUDE!

See the report;

"British Special Forces Caught Carrying Out Staged Terror In Iraq?"
-Info Wars News

Look at this, please look closely. This is what the anti-muslims has been doing for years, but never been cought. This kind of pseduo-terrorism is used to justify counter-terrorism activities that being bashed to Muslims in the Middle East. The actual reason for this is to gain control of the world second largest oil exporter, Iraq. THIS IS THE MAIN REASON FOR ALL OF THIS.

But look, this is how formal western media is covering up the news. They convey the facts as "foggy" and vague, making it sound irrelevent to the whole world;

"Iraqis in Basra Slam 'British Aggression'"
-Yahoo! News;

Before this, we might heard some conspiracy theories about things as such. Most of us quickly dismiss them as it might sound too absurd or too uncalled for. But now, i would like to call everyone to open their eyes, as the conspiracies does really happens all the time, and some strong group of people do the dirty work for them.

This kind of things was rooted far-far away deep in the history of the world.
Before this, in order to execute this kind of coup de'tat, the had their own president, John F. Kennedy shot in the head.

This is also what happened in the September 11 World Trade Center attack and many-many more...

What kind of world are we living in?

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Wait a minute. I think you are biased against the British... or some anti-Muslims. How do you know a person is dressed like an Iraqi citizen? What about their faces? Their appearances? Their features?Also, I am sure that military soldiers would not do such things of stupidity or ruthless violence and brutality. Their discipline and order makes up for it... not that it makes them 100% good or anything but still...But thanks for pointing this out. This helps clear out thoughts like, "All Iraqi are the cause of all this madness" stuff...

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