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Battlefield 2 1.1 Rumors

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In the beginning of October EA and DICE will release the new patch. This so-called 1.03 patch was meant to initially solve the bugs which are in the current version v1.02. Mid August DICE has decided to extend the patch with new features and the name of the patch has thus changed from v1.03 to v1.1. EA has asked all trusted partners which features they gladly want to see in the new release; dozens of ideas where sent back and the most requested new features have been handled by DICE.
In the last couple of weeks many of these new features where leaked to the outside. DICE indicated that possibly not all called features will be added in the new patch; only finished features will be included. All new fixes and features are internally tested and the send to a closed beta group for further testing. This group will be a reflection of the average gamer. The patch must be tested on all kinds of type's hardware and software configurations. EA and DICE have learned their lessons of the previous bugged versions.

A small overview of the new features which is confirmed by DICE:

    * Over 160 server - and client side bug fixes
    * New in-game server browser with "favorites" & "history" support to give an overview of the servers you visited last and improved search-algorithm
    * Squad leaders get a message when someone wants to join their closed squad
    * Special Ops get points if they destroy the radar, artillery or the UAV of the enemy
    * The support, Medic and Engineer class aid points earned by their special kit are limited. These classes can continue using their special kit but they won't get extra points for it. (anti point-farming)
    * If you are in a vehicle you will be able to see who's in the vehicle with you, moreover you will be able to see which kit they are using
    * Zooming in and out will be adapted to the map-size
    * Teamkills are registered in a new manner and are settled differently. Thus it becomes impossible to get teamkills by for example bringing down a Black Hawk helicopter which then crashes into a group of teammates
    * The transport helicopter will be adjusted. The Black Hawk's onboard mini-guns will be a bit less powerful. Also it will no longer possible to continue to repair the helicopter while in flight.
    * The ticket ratio of ranked server are made dependent of the maximum number of players. At present the ticket ratio are dependent on the size of the map
    * Better team balance: commanders and squad leaders are no longer moved to the other team.

At this time DICE is still working on some very important features that have not been confirmed yet:

    * The server side software are extended with "reserved slots". This feature allows clan members to join their server, even when its full.
    * A new balance in the ranks and medals which must ensure that starting players will increase more rapidly in rank and get a unlocked weapon. All players will probably advance at least one rank.

There's a real chance that the above two features will not be in the new patch! They will be in one of the next patches.

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Well, all I have to say is that I am very disappointed with Electronic Arts and DICE. My computer can't handle the game even with a decent graphics card and 1.25 gigs of RAM. I mean, I spent a good amount of money on that thing!! Now, I just noticed that my hardware is outdated. I mean, literally... outdated!! And that GeForce 6700 thing gives like 50-ish FPS on Battlefield 2 while my computer averages 20!!I got very furious so I just uninstalled Battlefield 2 from my computer and put away the CD somewhere. I am going to play it again when I get to upgrade my computer, seriously. It's just not the way to play the game.Hmm... when I start playing again, I think there will be less players because it's not like Counter-Strike 1.6 where everyone is playing it all the time. If you look at Xfire, the top 5 games are CS 1.6 and CS: Source!! Too bad Battlefield 2 isn't that great of a game. It's graphic intense...I think that's why not many people play it B)

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hey,I agree totally wwith you about the graphics requirement of Battlefield 2. I mean, i've got a decent computer, and all the time its lagging! Although it does that, I think its a great game. I've only got the demo though, but its online enabled, which is the best part! But i'm not getting it straight away because of the graphic requirement, which makes it hard to really get into it. :mellow:

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