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Anyone Play Eve:exodus? Well, do you?

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Brilliant MMOG out there IMO. There's so much to do I don't think I can describe everything that can be done in it.

I think the best part about it is it's very player driven. Alliances, made up or corporations (EVE's version of guilds), that can form NAPs with each other. Or start an all out war for any reason at all. Although it's usually advised to have a good reason or you can make a lot of enemies. Unless you're feared.

The PVP is excellent. It requires more thought than most other games where PVP id either nonexistant or just simply tapping your mouse button so your 'Sword of Eternal Power' strikes your opponent.

There's other things but it's late so I'll let those of you who do play it describe it and those who don't. Well check out the 14 day free trial ;)

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