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External Keyboard By Belkin Because notebook keyboards arent so hot

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Okay. So a friend of mine convinced me that I really ought to buy an external USB keyboard for my notebook. Because he knows that I tend to wear out keyboards in less than a year. And because he knows that I wasn't quite happy with the layout of the laptop's integrated keyboard. (It's ... well, it's just not as comfortable for me as the external boards I've been using my whole life.)I found a Belkin ergonomic keyboard for less than $35 at buy.com - a great site that only took a few days to get my order to my door. I'd definitely recommend them for that as well as the fact that they added plenty of extra packaging around the keyboard (which was already in its own box) so that it wouldn't get crunched between their warehouse and my door.Anyway ... I love this thing for a bunch of reasons. If you use a notebook computer and it's usually at a desk, you should think about getting one of these. They're *much* cheaper than replacing or repairing the notebook's keyboard. Unless you opted for all that extra service coverage. But if you did, this is still a great board to use when you're at your desk because it's more comfortable.-USB plug-and-play. It was ready to go in less than two minutes.(Side note: I can still use the laptop's integrated keyboard even with this one plugged in. It's sort of odd thinking about having two keyboards for one computer system, but I'm a weird person so it isn't overly surprising.)-Two USB ports on the back of the keyboard. The notebook has two ports total. I have a printer, flash drive, and video game controller. I also have this keyboard now. I'm actually gaining a port through this thing. I might actually get a USB mouse in the future and plug it into the keyboard.-Ergonomic design. I'ved used this "split" design on and off for years. It's comfier on the hands and wrists because the keys are laid out for a more natural position. I also have a nice wrist rest if i want to use it. Another advantage is that the space bar is split as well so I can hit it with either thumb. (Unfortunately, I've always hit it with my right thumb no matter what I'm typing, so that's actually sort of a moot point.)-Inexpensive.-it's black, which is my preferred color for computer stuff.-It came with a lifetime guarantee.Oh yeah, and it's Belkin. I've always had pretty good luck with these products, so I was more than happy to try this out. I don't expect this thing to last for twenty years or anything ridiculous like that, but I once had a Belkin stationary mouse that lasted longer than the computer. Heh.I'm loving it so far. I'm more comfortable than I've been since I bought the notebook - and I'm back up to my usual typing speed again.

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