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Just Who Is Thai Here?

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Well, I'm not thai but i know a lot of ppl who are thai. But they claim to be from somewhere called taiwan. An island or somthing. Aare they crazy? Anyhoo, I play football with these thai ppl like every week and they are bigger than the average asian person. I myself am asian and I dont understand how they get so big. They must be intaking some major MSG. But that is bad for you so they must just be on steroids. That'll suck for them when the get old and wrinkley faster. Steroids is just plain dumb. I dont know why all teh baseball and football ppl do that. I mean one second you are a sure hall of famer and the next you are caught using steroids ( Rafael Palmiero) But yeah i know some thai bros. Theyre pretty tight you know with their fast cars that they cant drive and their awesome sushi n whatnot. Dude I dont take offense to this but some mofo called me thai one time and I was like 'do i look thai' He ran away but I didnt have my switchblade on me. When I said I was asian i meant black in case you didnt realize by now. Peace out thai food good.

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