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Spam Ran Out My Usage Of Dns Queries experience sharing

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Do you know how many DNS queries your domain has? Most people never notice it, because it's hard to evaluate the queries if you don't own your domain server. Even you have one, you may not know how to count it.The question should not be mentioned often, because it usually affects nothing. Many DNS queries do not mean that the domain is popular, but it do cost a heavy load to a DNS server. So some free DNS hosting provider provide services with limited usage of dns queries, otherwise extra charge is needed.I bought a .to domain recently, and fortunately I found a free dns hosting provider "dnspark.com", which provides DNS hosting with maximum 200,000 usage per month. I and surprised that my domain got over 10,000 DNS queries every day. It means my domain can work properly only each 2/3 month, and the rest 1/3 month it goes down.Besides, I set a catch all email once. Guess what, over 50 spam e-mail arrived in 10 minutes. That's why the query rate is so high. I just start to use my domain, and I do still not to publish to anybody. Could you image that you have to suffer 99% spam queries every day? Thanks for these spam e-mail, my catch all e-mail is shuted down in 10 minutes. Besides, it forces me to find another DNS hosting for my domain. It's too bad. Could anybody suggest me a good free DNS hosting? Well, how can I forbit these spam? Or just let go?

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