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Wc3 Best strategy game

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Anyone here play WC3 TFT?I just got it last week and i think its the best strategy game since starcract. The graphics are amazing for a strategy game, its all 3D.Now its not just orcs vs humans but also elfs and undead, which means about a hundred of new units/buildings/strategies u can use.Also now they have HEROES!!! this is 1 of the main differences from WC2...now you can get a hero and level him up by killing monsters and make him 1 mean lean killin machine. Just someone to lead your army with an aura that benefits all friendly units near by...Also you can equip your hero just like you would in an RPG game, heal him,teleport,summon units from trees or just summon elementals out of nowhere as long as you have mana and the skill gets recharged :P Also, battle.net chatrooms, custom maps,clans,ranking,and lots of things i cant think of right now :P If anyone has anything to add to all that please do, its a great game and the more people get it and start playing the more fun it will be!

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