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3d Traceroute: One Of The "cool"-er Tools

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Any body use this cool tool named 3DTraceRoute ? I've been using it for a long while now. Sometimes, when you get really tired looking at a dull console spitting out hops vs. millisecond response times at you - this is what adds a touch of colours and enlivens your mind :P I'd say it's always a nice addition to have in your toolbox - more so, coz the lite version is FREE.


It does exactly what the title suggests - draws 3D area graphs of your traceroute in realtime (works surprisingly well on even pathetic graphics cards - like mine) and gives you a hop vs. millisecond display - nicely color coded in red/green/yellow to mark out "unreachable hosts" and smoothly connecting links.. The graph can be rotated along any axis, zoomed upon - throw in a bunch of other cool funky effect you can do with it.


Besides the basic traceroute client, it can also person Whois, Ping, Port Scanning, OS fingerprinting, Analyze email headers - in short quite a powerful array of tools neatly bundled into a small sack :P Another tool that deserves special mention is the ability to record and replay domain traces later on - that I find quite interesting.. has lots of possibilities in there :P


Here's a list of features from their site as well as a screenshot:

Posted Image


    *  3d traceroute display: multiple graphics modification options

    * statistics window: min, max, average, standard deviation and

      history window with destination ping time

    * as list: the usual data view with lots of features

    * long period Ping and HTTP monitor

    * Whois query: everything with only one click

    * record and playback: record any trace and playback step by step

    * build in browser: and the browser is already built in.

    * ASN inspector

    * NSLookup: with UDP and TCP. And zone transfer capability.

    * Day and Night trace: Admins beloved toy

    * Command-line execution mode: full replacement for good old buddy tracert.

    * passive OS fingerprinting

    * three different Portscanner (knows 3,612 well known ports)

    * analyze eMail headers: against RBLs

    * Connection viewer: TCP, IP, UDP etc. statistics

    * HTTP Spy: query HTTP-headers and webpages

    * Atomic Clock Sync

    * ISO 3166 code browser

    * build in TELNET client

    * low CPU-Usage

    * everywhere a usefull context menu

    * Working with Windows 2000 and Windows XP, XP SP1 und XP SP2

      (perhaps with Windows 98, 98SE or ME and NT4)

Go grab it right now at: http://www.d3tr.de/index.html


Have fun,


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