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Seed Taste/benifit Test Test avocado/apriciot

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i decided to expand my knowledge of things and did a taste test of these two seeds. lol, i must have a lot of free tim, not but I was jsut curious to the taste and benfits of these seends, I first did the avocado seed the ball in teh middle anywasy I tasted it and it was bitter like crasy, it left my mouth dry, I ate it because I thought it might be good for you, you know what they say something about the worst it taste the better it is. Anyway I spit some of it out but ate some. Man that was a bad taste. Wel a bout a week or so later I ate a apricot seed, the first thing I notice is that is was really hard to crack the shell. i thought to myself and concluded that the hard it is to open the better the benifit and stuff lol. Anyways once I got it open I ate it. The taste was bitter sweet, had a litter bitter taste and then a sweet taste that made it ok to eat. Now the benifit part i have not cool about and since I have littel time on line I can reasearch that but thats were you all come in. I ned you al to find out what are the benifits if any of these seeds. :P thanks you in advance for you help. Anyways please post here you finding on the benefits. I know once you read this your say what is this guy thinking lol. Guess Im just really curious about things lol, and sometime they are stupied things but you never know what youll learn. well until next time .JohnNitro out

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