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.tcl Files, How To Open One?

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TCL stands for Tool Command Language - another of the scripting languages commonly used on Linux based platforms. Since it's a scripting language - it needs a TCL interpreter running in the background, very similar to the way Perl and PHP operate.


You can obtain free distributions of TCL for both windows and linux at: http://www.activestate.com/activetcl


As far as I remember, they offer a nice IDE for TCL too with syntax highlighting and code completion. To test your files, either you need to declare them executable and run them striaght off the shell - this option involves including the location of the interpreter in the first line of your script - similar to PERL.

E.g.: #!/usr/bin/tcl


Second option is to invoke TCL from the shell by typing tcl and then following it up with other commands to read the source file - or by passing the source file as an arguement to it.


You'd need the linux binaries to test your .tcl files on linux. Activestate also offers distributions of Perl & Python too.




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Most distros already include TCL and its GUI component TK, by default. If the program should have graphics, be sure to use the tk command rather than the tcl command.

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