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Logos / Banners For Ipb Board for use on my forum / websites

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I have no Idea on creating logos and have 10 thumbs when it comes to drawings.


What I'm looking for are logos / banners for 3 new websites I'm working on. 1 site will be a message board the other 2 will have info for 2 tournaments that I'm hosting. The theme is Kayaks, more specifically kayak-fishing. The work has to be original and not plagiarized and you have to give up the ownership. I can quote you as the artist on the web-site where the art is used or if it's exceptional I will pay for it within reason. Any art submitted that I'm not using will be deleted. If your submission is accepted I may ask your for additional work on the same theme and we will work out a payment plan or reimbursement for your art.


site #1 UltimateKayakFishing.com

The IPB logo is for my kayak fishing guide service and will be a forum open to public. It's a place to discuss kayak fishing and to inquire on how to rig a kayak, where to meet etc.


So there should be a kayak, and a person fishing from the kayak... or fighting a fish. I'm Open when it comes to colors and layouts.


site #2 KayakFishingRodeo.com

This is a site where we will be announcing the annual kayak fishing tournament we are hosting every spring / early summer. The theme we have used and are looking for is a fisherman riding a striped bass (like a rodeo cowboy) holding on to the rod (bent) with a line going from the rod tip to a fishing lure / hook in the fishes mouth. This logo is to be used on the web site, on t-shirts, on stationary and entry forms. So both a color image and black and white is needed. (Simple lines, drawing… use your imagination)


site #3 ExtremeEdgeKayakFishing.com

This is a site we are planning to use for a fall kayak-fishing tournament, where Striped Bass are again the target but we will also target Pelagic species for catch and release (Bonito, Skip Jack, Spanish Macrell, Yellowfin Tuna etc, etc)


This site has no theme and I’m open for all suggestions, including theme and color schemes.


If you have any additional questions and don’t want to post them here you can email me at: yakfisher_ri -at- yahoo dot com (You know how to remove the munging) or PM them to me here. Use “Logos for websites” as subject line, that way I will read them right away.


Thank you,


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