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Voip Ta Adapter Differences Request the D-Link

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Hello All,I came home from vacation, to find that my VOIP phone didn't have any dial tone. Did all the normal things, like powering off everything, then turning them back on just as I had during my initial installation of my VOIP system. Still no dial tone.So... thinking how smart I am, I decided to call my phone, and see how it did the "Safe Number" automatic forwarding. No go!!!So... I wait thru the 22minutes of advertisments until I actually get a hold of someone LIVE to talk with via their 800 number... and happily they were able to "Kick-Start" my TA (Telephone Adapter). Once again I have dial-tone, and can call and receive. Good so far.Now... I mention how my "Safe Number" didn't happen... and I'm told "I'm sorry, but I'm in the Technical Division here, and you'll need to contact the Support Division... because your TA doesn't allow you the "Safe Number" service.No where, when you read about all the wonderful features provided by the VOIP Service do they say "Only if we happen to send you out the D-Link 1120 TA"... so why aren't they sending this adapter out to everyone that signs up for their service????Needless to say, I was on the phone 1st thing Monday morning to the Service Department... and I was happy to find out they were shipping me my D-Link 1120, along with a shipping lable so I could return my Centillium TA free of charge back to them. When I asked why this "Lower Grade" TA adapter was even sent to me when I signed up for their service.... the answer was kinda disturbing. She answered me "Sir, we have several different TA adapters that will allow you to have a phone, some more expensive for us than others... and we ship what will give you your phone service". Now... doesn't this sound like "If ya don't complain, we aren't setting you up with what you need" to you??? It did to me!!!Anyways... I'm in the "5 day shipping wait period", and still happy with my VOIP service... but just thought I'd let other's know they may also wish to check into which TA they have been sent... and notice the various restrictions on the "ADVERTISED" service you may, or may not receive with that TA!Thank you for your time.

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