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Astahost Irc Joining in IRC with other asta members

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To join Xisto IRC:

1. Download an IRC client (I recommend HydraIRC (HydraIRC).
2. Unzip and install it.
3. Run HydraIRC and create a new profile.
4.Go to File>New Server.
5.In the URI box, move to the end of the line and type irc.dalnet.com
6.Leave the password box blank.
7.Click OK.
8.In the box that has opened, make sure there are no messages applicable to you (if there are, follow the instructions on-screen).
9.In the box at the bottom of this screen type: /join #Xisto
10. Start chatting!

PS: If the channel #Xisto doesn't exist, I can't help you at the moment, sorry, I may edit this post to help you out later, but I don't know now.

PPS: I don't know much about IRC, so I don't know if these instructions will work in all cases.

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