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Importing Video Files In Flash Mx 2004

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Importing video files in FLASH MX 2004


Flash support following video formats "MOV, AVI, and MPG/MPEG",you can import a video as an embedded or a linked file,


NOTE : embedded video can be published as swf files, and linked video must be published in QuickTime format.If you import a video as an embedded file, you can edit the video settings before importing it, such as bandwidth,quality settings,color correction, cropping. for this purpose Flash use "Sorenson Spark" encoder and decoder.


follow below steps for importing an embedded video clip:

1) To import the video clip into the library; select File > Import > Import to Library.flash will display wizard

2) in first step to import the video without editing , select Import the Entire Video or to edit the video select Edit the Video First, and then click next.

3) Select a bandwidth, or create a new custom compression profile from the compression profile pop-up menu,

4)To adjust hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, and gamma to control color quality click on edit in advanced settings section

5-1) Dimensions options let you to adjust dimensions

5-2) Track options let you select the type of object of the imported video: a video object or a movie clip

5-3) Audio options let you import audio as a separate file or an integrated part of the video file


5) and finaly click finish

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