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A Late Introduction Since I have been posting a while

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Someone sent me a message to ask me my major, so after I replied I decided to copy that text here as part of an introduction."I was a physics major as an undergraduate who was taking a lot of extra math classes including three years of numerical analysis when I wanted to leave right away so I switched my major to math so I could get my BS in a hurry. Then I got an MDIV (a three year graduate degree) from a seminary, before I went back to physics as graduate student. I did my first PHD project in the General Relativity department contributing to a publication on Barbour Bertotti theory. Then I switched to High Energy Physics (particles) and worked on a PHD project doing Monte Carlo simulations on supercomputers for a few years when I lost interest in physics research altogther, so I abandoned my PHD asperations and graduated with a masters degree. In retrospect, I might done better in a more experimental field of physics. On the other hand I found my real interest which is in eduactional physics software. So I spent the next three years part time teaching while working on Relspace (relspace.astahost.com).All this means is that I am really nuts about physics and philosophy."From other posts people may already concluded that in addition to physics and philosophy, I am also very into science fiction and fantasy, board and card games (Go and Magic the Gathering being my favorites, but I have a large collection of other games), computer games (favorites are starcraft, diablo 2 and NeverWinter nights which I play with my 2 boys on a home network), movies (sci fi and oriental), and computer programming. I now teach physics for ITT online so I am practically married to this thing, or so my Japanese wife implies. I used to talk on the usenets a bit and now have to teach using this medium so I am no stranger to the online community. While looking for a free web site to offer my simulator "relspace" I was so intrigued by the idea of earning my webspace in Xisto, that I could not resist joining in.

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