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Shoutbox Skinning Would you like to show your css skills..

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Hey, i just finished my shoutbox template with CSS. I decided to make this topic to see if anyone wanted to test their CSS skills to see if anyone could come up with a neat skin. This is by no means a contest i just wanted to see who would take part.


I have uploaded the shoutbox template and its CSS file. You can download them here:


HTML Template: Shoutbox Template

CSS File: Stylesheet


I made this shoutbox skin to look the same in IE and Firefox which it does. It would be cool if you can test the shoutbox skin on IE and Firefox before uploading, if not that is ok just tell me in which you tested it in.


You can show the result by either replying here with the link to the HTML Template and the CSS File, only if you can upload them. If you cannot upload them then just pm me with the HTML Template and CSS File attached.


You can do whatever you want with the CSS file, add small images, change sizes and so on. if you use images and cannot upload them to your own space, then please pm them to me aswell. Please do not use large images.


You cannot alter the HTML Template in any way, you can only change the CSS File.


I will be keeping all of the skins made and i will make a little showcase on my site with credits to who made it.


Could you please make sure that the HTML Template is named like so:


for example: overture_shoutbox


Could you please make sure that the CSS File is named like so:


for example: overture_style


Hope to get some replies. :D



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