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The Background1) Open a new document. U could pick any size. I’ll take 400*1202) Press ‘D’ to get the colours back to default. And then go to filter-render-clouds.3) Make a new layer by go to layer-new-layer or press ctrl+shift+n. Make sure you’ve got some nice grunge brushes. Go to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ click on brushes. And download all the brushes with grunge in the name. You should have a good collection. Then just mess around with your brush. If you’re done with this brush put the blending mode on soft light.4) Make a new layer. And again start brushing, with another brush. Once you’re done put the blending mode again to soft light and put the opacity on 50%5) Repeat step 4 as many times as you want. It could be nice if you brushed a layer to press ctrl+i. You’ll inverse the layer. So the colour will change from black to white.6) Once you’re done with all your brushes make a new layer. Fill it with a pattern by go to edit-fill and change it to pattern. You should fill it with a pattern of a rock or something. Put the blending mode to overlay and the opacity to 8%7) Repeat step 6 once or twice.This is my result: Make a new layer. Pick a nice colour and fill your layer with it by go to edit-fill and change it to foreground colour. Change the blending mode to soft light and the opacity to 80%.(YOU COULD LEAVE THIS STEP IF YOU WANT)9) Now select your cloud layer and press ctrl+u. Just mess around till you think it’s good.10) Press this button in your layers pallet. And click hue/saturation. Just mess around with the colours till you think it looks nice.11) Press again this button but now you’ve got to click on colour balance. Now you’ve got to play with the settings of it. Just try things by shadows, midtones and highlights. This is my result:NOW YOU’VE GOT A NICE GRUNGY BACKGROUND. WE WILL GO ON WITH THE PICTUREThe picture:1) First of all search a nice picture and remove the background.I took this picture2) Make sure you’ve got your pic selected and then press ctrl+c. Go to the document with your sig in it and press ctrl+v.3) Scale your picture till it’s good. For my sig I thought it would be nicer to flip the picture horizontal by go to edit-transform- flip horizontal(MAKE SURE YOU’RE ON THE PIC LAYER)4) Now you need to blend the pic nice. Select the eraser tool and chanche the opacity to 75% and flow to 30%. Now go with your eraser tool over the edges of the pic to blend it nice. Just go on till you think it looks good.Your sig will look now like this:Well this looks pretty nice. But you could change for yourself the opacity of the pic if you want. 5) But if you want to have your picture the same colour as the rest of your sig you should drag the picture layer beneath the hue/saturation layer. Then you’ll get something like this:NOW YOU’VE GOT YOUR PIC NICE BLENDED! I WILL NOW GO ON WITH THE BORDER!The Border:3px border:A simple but nice looking border is the 3px border.1) Make a new layer and press ctrl+a. Make sure your foreground colour is black. Go to edit-stroke. Make it 3px and leave the rest. Press ok.2) Now pick a nice colour which match with the entire sig. Make sure your sig is still selected. Go to edit-stroke. Make it 2px and press ok.3) Make sure your foreground colour is black and that the sig is still selected. Go to edit-stroke and make it 1px. Press ok. Press ctrl+d and your 3px border is done. MAKE SURE YOUR BORDER IS THE TOP LAYER!!!You should now have something like this:NOW YOU”VE GOT A NICE BORDER. I WILL CONTINUE WITH THE TEXT.The text.1) Make a new text layer with your text. Put the blending mode to hard light. Drag the text layer beneath the colour balance layer.2) Go to blending options by clicking on this button and click blendingoptions.Now just do the same things like me.Dropshadow: Blendingmode: multiplyInnershadow: Blendingmode: multiply

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