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Why Don't Our Posts And Sites Show Up On Google a little disappointed

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I am a little disappointed that our posts and sites are not showing up on searches using Google. Almost everything else I have ever done on the internet shows up on google, so why not this. It seems like making this happen would be important concern for the people running Xisto.

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Hi guys,

OUr posts do show up on google - but it takes some time before the crawlers can index them properly. One of the biggest factors for the posts NOT to turn up is because for 90% of the posts, the Topic Titles are badly conjured with absolutely no relevance to the body of the post. The mods and admins have to devote most of their spare time renaming these posts.


While making your posts, you've to be very careful about how you're titling it. If you post is a question about PHP or JavaScript or any programming/computer problem - try include some of those KEYWORDS in the title - as well as some other ones in the Description. A post titled, "Need help with php", "MySQL Problem" - wouldn't get you anywhere. The spiders completely diregard pages like that - or even if they index them, they fail to turn up on any search engine - due to lack of proper categorization and non-specific keywords.


Perhaps I cannot stress enough on the importance of titling your posts properly - you've got NO IDEA how much re-work it would save us - and how advantageous it will be to YOU.


Take for example - when I'd first signed up for the Netbux pay-per-search scheme, I got very frustrated with their servers overloading every 5 minutes and scripts not registering my searches properly. So I came here and made a post titled, Netbux Real or Fake? Problems & Flaws - and posted it on Xisto too. Try it out for yourself and see how it works. Go to google and type 3 keywords -Netbux, Real, & Fake - put all these together and search. What do you see ? My posts are RIGHT ON TOP of the LIST. The spider indexed them perfectly coz the keywords were relevant to the content of the post too.. This is just ONE example. OpaQue can provide you with 100's of other such examples.


Also after making your post, you've to give the spirders a grace period of 2-3 weeks at least - I've never noticed pages turning up properly earlier than at least two weeks. Now if you want, you can either go back to your posts and try re-titling them or let us know, so that we can do it..either way :(




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