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Scanning Tunnel Telescope

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Scanning Tunnel Microscope
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The scanning tunnel microscope devised by a research team of the Physics Faculty and the Institute of Electronic Materials of Kim Il Sung University

A research team of the Physics Faculty and the Institute of Electronic Materials of Kim Il Sung University succeeded in making a scanning tunnel microscope (STM) in October last year, which is a breakthrough in the study of nano technology, a pivotal basic technology in the progress of science and technology in the 21st century, and in the development of its products.

The STM consists of a needle scanner, a precision sample transferer, a vibration-proof device and a computer-control system. This microscope enables one to see the distribution of atoms and molecules in the space of 1 to 50 nm.

This praiseworthy achievement scored in the frontier science and technology is the fruition of ardent patriotism and great ability of the research team.

Prof. and Dr. Kim Il Gwang, Associate Prof. and MSc Ju Tok Yong, MSc Han Ran Ok, MSc Song Sok and other teachers and researchers of the faculty and the institute have devoted all their wisdom and energy to the making of the microscope with a desire to contribute to the earlier realization of the line of the Workers' Party of Korea on building a great prosperous powerful nation with scientific and technological successes.

They have solved everything from its designing, acquisition of materials to its making by their own strength and wisdom.

The production of the STM has made it possible to explore new fields of advanced technology and further develop education and scientific research.

Article & photos: Kim Jae Song


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