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Ps3 about it

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Notice from microscopic^earthling:
SPAM. I'd urge you to re-read the TOS and Posting Rules before making such posts. These one-liners are considered prime examples of SPAM - they do not contribute anything meaningful to the forums, nor do they qualify as good thread starters. When you want to discuss about something, try writing complete meaningful english sentences and put in your views about the topic too. These posts won't help you get hosting here. I'm leaving this post here so you can see an example of what we consider as spammy posts. Besides, LEARN to use the SEARCH button at top right of the screen. It's there for a purpose. There are plenty of full blown discussions floating around on PS2/PS3. Credits Adjusted. TOPIC CLOSED.
Anyone heard any rumors? Anyone going to E3 to learn about the system? Edited by microscopic^earthling (see edit history)

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