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Galactic Quest THE Game...

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(Galactic Quest) is online war game.

It's text based, but graphic isn't a problem coz it's really easy to get used to visual display of the game.


And when you start playing it, you'll get stuck to it!!!


When you log in for the first time you get a planet in a galaxy with coordinates X/X/X.

The main purpose of the game is to collect as much mines as posible because they provide you with recources with wich you build your battle ships.


Ships are splitted into 2 categories, one is for defence and one is for offence.

You have to be a good tactician to develope the best combination off ships to be the best in this game.


But there is a hole new aspect to the game - tags.


People can organise in tags to be stronger, coz ppl in tags will always defend eachother, they will attack together and by doing that they will have more chance for success.


If you don't create your own tag you can join an existing... You do that by entering tags pass in specified field.

That "pass" is a story by itself, you see the tags are at war and if someone from oposing tag gets your pass, he can easily infiltrate into your tag and spy for his tag.


The game is just great!!!




War never decides who's right, only who's left...

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