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My View On Grand Theft Auto

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Section I : StoryLiberty City : You play as a mute hitman by the name of Claude. You lived in Liberty City for nearly 10 years just to be with your girlfriend. The story starts with you robbing the bank with your girlfriend by demand. When you were making your escape, she shot you on the chest and it turns out she betrayed you. She now found herself a better boyfriend who is the leader of the cartels. The LCPD then finds you and they take you into custody. Now the Cartels try to isolate you by blowing up the Callahan Bridge (Portland to Staunton Island) then later on, setting up a gang war between Leone Family and Triad Fish Companies. You were in sides with the Leone Family, starting a war over drug distributions and protections. The leader thinks you're good for helping him up, but when he found out that his girlfriend likes you even more than him, then he decides that he wanted to kill you and you were considered a marked man all over Portland. While you were doing a "small" favor (A trap) for Leone, your new girlfriend helped you escape him from his traps with a friend of hers who is a Japanese mafia leader. Now you switched sides to the Yakuza and get revenge from the Don. You kill him and the Yakuza leaders respect you more. Later as you progress, you find out that SPANK (Crack-esqe by Cartels) is a big thing in Liberty City. You try stopping it by making the Jamaican Yardies (SPANK distributors) stop their alliances with the Cartel, but it fails. Then you find a media millionaire who tries to stop it the hard way, by killing the Waka-Gashira via framing the Cartels. Yakuza thinks it's your ex's new boyfriend who is really a pansy and they started to follow them in their construction firm and started to invade them for an opportunity stop their operations and find your ex. Yakuza leader tortures Cartel slowly to see what's going on. You stop the operation and now all you care about is killing your girlfriend. You find your ex as she holds a ransom for a million dollars for your new girlfriend. Ex still betrays you and runs away from you. You followed her to a dam, which was a secret base with many guards. She died by escaping at a helicopter while you RPGed her. Now you and your new girlfriend start a new beginning. (No, Claude did not shoot her, or else there's no point of doing the mission)Vice City : This game still sucks. You play as a tough mafioso with a name of Tommy Vercetti. You got in jail for 20 years for doing your boss' work. Now you're back from prison and you boss (Head of the Forelli Brothers) wants to do him a favor. You go to Vice City to make a drug deal with some Colombians. You were set up by some goons who killed the dealer and your escorts, then stole your boss' money. The only person you know is a person who does a bad job being a lawyer who drives to your safe house. When you called your boss and said your news, he became very pissed. In order for you to find the money, you try to find out what's going on in the city and you find yourself a right hand man. He wanted to take revenge on a drug baron who killed his brother during your deal. So you try working for the drug baron and he doesn't look too kind. He's hella mean, but hey, he trusts you. Now when your right hand man comes close to you, it was time to storm his place. You killed him and took over the place, with your own new gang and an asset for protection. This time, you're hooked on drugs and you have to be dominant over your rival gangs. Work for the Cuban druglords and destroy the Haitian firms, vice versa, yatta yatta that they're dumb enough to not know you're two faced Tommy.. You're now done with that. You buy off fronts and firms and help them more in-depth, but it takes a while. As you progress, the lawyer makes a deal with your boss, which turned out to be fake. He is tired of waiting and he gets real angry that he decides to run you out of business. He demonstrates his powers to one of your old buddies and you get mad at him. You go back to your baron place to meet your boss with Forellis swarming the place. You and the lawyer is in deep trouble and your right handed man switches side. Right hand man dies by explosions(IF YOU DID IT RIGHT) and your boss dies by you. (MANY POSSIBILITIES) Only person you can trust now is the lawyer and you guys and talk about beginning of Vercetti's relationships.San Andreas : You play as a gangbanger named Carl Johnson AKA CJ. When you were away from Liberty City for five years, sh*t happened in your old neighborhood. Some of your big gang members were blasted. Your brother died, but you kept touch in him. Recently, your mother died by some new rival gang (Ballas) trying to target your older brother. A clue is a green muscle car. You come back to Los Santos to actually attend your mother's funeral, but some bent cops by the name of C.R.A.S.H (Eddie Pulaski and Frank Tenpenny), came and accused you for killing an innocent cop. They let you off easy by dropping you to your nightmare. You make an escape, coming back to your house. You were being reintroduced to your gang members. Ryder, who goes to your school and ditched. His part is mainly robbing dangerous places. Big Smoke, who is an individual-esque person mainly doing some police favors. Your sister Kendl, who is the brains and the mother of your gang, currently dating an outer gang member by the name of Cesar. Your older brother Sweet, who is concerned on the gang and getting back to the Ballas. Lastly, OG Loc, a wannabe gangsta rapper who thinks he can kill/rob people who gets on his way, but it just sucks. (His raps good IMO Link) So yeah... Your gang gets dominant again and you want to start a huge gang war on the Ballas. Cesar calls you and tries to tell you something important, so you go his place and you find out that CRASH, Big Smoke, and Ryder were the ones who killed your mom. You go to the war zone to tell your older brother, but it was too late. He passed out and was sent to prison hospital, while you were forced to a mysterious place when all the Ballas invade the entire city and now making big business. You get help from a hippie to take out the weed farm. Cesar tries helping you, but the best he can for you is for you to contact his cousin, who is Catalina. You become her girlfriend doing her interests, which is robbing places. You're doing this to get some money for civilization. After robbing all desired locations, you find out that Catalina has herself her own boyfriend who is that guy from GTAIII. You race him, beat him for pink slips, and he gives you a garage in San Fierro and his car in return. San Fierro is mainly an illegal street racing city, a hippy's town, and drug harbors. The Ballas drug dealers contain four men ; Jizzy, a Hustler in Juniper Hollow ; Ryder, a friend you used to trust ; T-Bone Mendez - Cesar's rival gang leader and muscle of the group ; Mike Toreno - The brains and somehow, mysterious. You kill Jizzy by shooting his head off, T-Bone Mendez in a drug deal in a pier, Ryder in a boat trying to escape from you, and Mike by blowing his helicopter off. Then you find a Mountain Division Triad who needs help from the likes of some Vietnamese gang and you save some refugees. The Viets are now aware of the big Triad members, so it's most likely good for the Triad leader to move to Las Venturas. A city where casinos steal stupid people's money. You were interrupted by CRASH, because Tenpenny and Pulaski doesn't is getting suspicious with one of their men. Turned out the third person tried to tell them what bad things Pulaski and Tenpenny try to do in Los Santos. Pulaski died by escaping Tenpenny's philosophies. Now in the casinos, Triads are having problems, because Liberty City's dominating Sindacco Mafia with them screwing around with their new casino to run them out of business. Your role is to take out anything that causes Triad's casino to run out of business. It's the likes of Johnny Sindacco, who you traumatized trying to ask him a question. Since he died of a heart attack as Leone came to take over the place. A great oppotunity to rob their casino for attempting to run our casino off the road. Now happy end to Venturas, now to help your brother escape by a mysterious guy who turns out to be Mike Toreno. He was alive, and he was working for the CIA the whole time, *****ing how you didn't know what was going on. He just gives you airplanes and gets your brother out of prison. When he does, Los Santos is in deep trouble. Ever since Pulaski's death, riots increases and your gang has lost spirit by turning into drugs. Tenpenny is responsible for all of this. You get your gang to the community by stealing getting your base territory back, it gets better as you and Sweet work together. You now find where Smoke is hiding. It's at a crack lab that he runs. All Ballas are in that building. You fight Smoke to find out what caused him to sell his gang out. Then Tenpenny comes to collect the money from Smoke, tries to escape from the riot with a firetruck. Sweet tried to stop him in a risky way, you rescue him, then he drives for you and you shoot the cops and rioters chasing you until Tenpenny loses control of his firetruck. Tenpenny dies of a huge accident.YES!!! SOME OF THE SENTENCES DOESN'T MAKE SENSE AND THEY'RE CHEESY! IT'S BECAUSE I'M TIRED AND I WROTE THIS AT 2:55 AM!Personal charactersClaude Speed :Favorite car : Kuruma and LandstalkerLeast favorite car : Cartel CruiserLeast Favorite gang : Columbian CartelsFavorite radio station : RISE FMLeast favorite radio station : Flashback FMTommy Vercetti :Favorite car : Blista Compact and DeluxoLeast favorite car : Sabre and OceanicLeast favorite gang : CubansFavorite radio station : EspantosoLeast favorite radio station : K ChatWeapons : Brass knuckles, chainsaw, detonate grenade, colt, ruger, mac10, psg1 SPAS-12, MinigunCarl Johnson :Favorite car : Sultan and ElegyLeast favorite car : Clover and TahomaLeast favorite gang : BallasFavorite radio station : CSR 103.2Least favorite radio station : Playback FMWeapons : knife, pistol, 9mm uzi, sawed-off shotgun, molotov, night vision goglesFat : 90%Stamina : 30%Total Respect : 100%Lung Capacity : 5%Sex Appeal : 1%Muscle : 100%Driving Skill : 100%Flying Skill : 20%Bike Skill : 60%Cycling Skill 100%Luck : 0

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