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Black Shades... Info+linux Tutorial Lets talk about something different :D

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Hi to all, this one would be long, but it's worth :o...


In our times there are more and more great looking games... but a lot of us forgot about old times... I want to mention FPS game Black Shades, an uDevGame award winner in 2002. It's hard to compile, also as far as I know there is only Linux and Mac OS version... I can't tell anything about windows version... let's get back to case...


In Black Shades you control a psychic bodyguard, and try to protect the VIP from a horde of assassins. - Simple idea - simple graphics - but that playability :P you can disapear from real world for long hours... There is home of [black Shades], also a site where you can see few screenshots and get precompiled Macintosh binary, just go to [Wolfire Software]and look around...


I would include small tutorial on getting it running under Linux including downloading and compiling OpenAL (sound library) and the game itself, since orginal instruction aren't reacheble (or just I wasn't able to found it)... ok:


1) First of all you need OpenAL sound library, so download it:

cd /usr/srccvs -d:pserver:guest@opensource.creative.com:/usr/local/cvs-repository login
use password: guest and do
cvs -d:pserver:guest@opensource.creative.com:/usr/local/cvs-repository co openal
then you need to compile it (prequilities for this package is listened in readme, so I would skip this...):
cd openal/linux./autogen.sh./configure --prefix=/usr/local --enable-optimizationmakemake install
then upgrade dynamic links:
Now when you installed OpenAl, make sure you also got Ogg and SDL support in system - there are many guides to it, so I would left this as done.


2) Now times came to download/install Black Shades:

cd /usr/local/games cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.icculus.org:/cvs/cvsroot login
use password: anonymous and do
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.icculus.org:/cvs/cvsroot co blackshadescd blackshadesmakecd Datawget http://filesingularity.timedoctor.org/Textures.tar.bz2rm -r ./Textures/*.pngtar -xjf Textures.tar.bz2rm Textures.tar.bz2touch /usr/bin/blackshadeschmod 711 /usr/bin/blackshades
and add to it, by editing it with your favorite text editor those lines:
#!/bin/bashcd /usr/local/games/blackshades./objs/blackshades
also remeber to edit your config file, the /usr/local/games/blackshades/config.txt, from now on you can run it by typing blackshades. Don't worry if there would show up a lot of warnings - remember - warning isn't error, so let them be... :o


You would probably want to know some keys that aren't listetned in file /usr/local/games/blackshades/Readme and are needed to play (for more of them refer to Readme):


Alt+Enter - Full Screen

Ctrl+G - Grab/Ungrab mouse pointer


Also remember to change resolution in config.txt


So... I - try it and what you think about it? I can say that this is one of those games that don't need more :P As I know there is way to enable debug mode in this game, but I was unsuccessfull in this, so I left it out (Debug mode gives you chance to run in third person perspective just like on those screenshots...) If someone would be able to run it on Linux in debug mode, please post it, so all of us would be able to use it :P

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