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Flash Powder Fun... Chemistry For countries only that permits pyrotech

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In our country we can freely enjoy pyro hobbies. It can also be used in magic tricks presentations and other visual arts such as visual effects in a rock concert.When I was a young child I wanted to make my own fire cracker, but you know a kid can't always do all things. I have reached my adulthood and this is my hobby. "Flash powder" Came from the word flash which is a strong light emitted from a very small amount of time. It originated from, I am not sure where but from old camera men. On the early times these camera men risk thier lives just to take pictures. There were countless deaths and burning of camera men during the time they travel when they carry this sack of "flash powder"... Remember those old times when we see old films with those guys bringing big cameras with a seperate flash on a pole with strong bang and light. Those are flash powders that burn and timed with the camera. Well, this is the very basic composition of flash powder and these chemicals can be bought if you have a permit either from the fire department or a local police district. When you apply for a permit "if applicable in your country only" the fire marshalls or authority will go to your home and inspect if you are safe for this kind of hobby. It is very time consuming and they go back and forth weeks to really check the place bringing things and stuff, hehehe. Well at least it pays off, and the enjoyment begins... Although it is hard to make pyrotechnics and the execution is fast, it is a good hobby for responsible and safe hobbyists. Flash powder may be composed of the following combination and mixture: "potassium perchlorate, german aluminum powder, and sulfur powder" and "potassium nitrate("illegal if no permit"), "german aluminum powder", "sulfur". The mixture ratio maybe 50%:30%:20%. Just work safely, wear protective goggles, apron, chemical handling gloves and mix them properly, avoid intense friction...We now use flash powders in our concert tours, drama plays, science fair, educational trips where you make a trail of flash powder and it follows a figure drawn by flash powder trails, firecrackers during new year, thanksgiving, and other special occasions, and rocket hobbies.This is just for educational purposes only. We also develop more spectacular fireworks and presenations that last 15 to 20minutes. The rocket engine is again another topic...

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