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Fedora Core 3 Some troubleshooting questions

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Got everything running smoothly, but I am now trying to 'install' a couple of games. From the readme I see that I need to ...

First untar the package:
$ tar xfzv wesnoth-0.x.tar.gz

$ cd wesnoth-0.x

followed by
$ ./configure

compile with

$ make

$ make install

I've tried running the terminal and enterind cd/home/drew/wesnoth-0.8.11 which is what the adress is given as when I browse the folder, but it says

bash: cd/home/drew/wesnoth-0.8.11: No such file or directory

Am I doing something wrong?
Also, what application should I use to open the installer for SIN? it is called SinDemo_x86.run

Thanks for any help you can offer. Other than not being able to figure these problems out, I love the distro and strongly recomend it.

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works up to the make point, then I get this

[drew@localhost wesnoth-0.8.11]$ makemake: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.

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if there is no makefile, then the configure script must have failed, read the configure scripts error, it will tell you what to do.you cant just ignore errors.as for the.run file, just run it. its executable... (you may need to make it executable first.."chmod +x fileName"

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You could try download the game through YUM..

That's a kind of download-install-manager from Red Hat, you first need to setup a yum.conf first though


This is about basic usage of yum

You need to add repo's to the yum.conf, that means you have to find the /etc/yum.conf file and edit it.


You can find a list of repos here, all you need to do is add them to the file specified above.

If the game exists, all you need to do is

yum install ...gamename...

then yum will automaticaly download and install the files you need. Works excellent

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