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Game Maker Tutorial: Basic 5.3a basic 5.3a

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Firstly, if you don't know what Game Maker is, it's a very cool tool made by Mark Overmars, you can create your own video games and applications. you can download it here https://www.yoyogames.com/


When you download it, I'd suggest you take a look at the sidebar (in advanced mode).


The Sidebar has a empty folders for Sprites, Sounds, Backgrounds, Paths, Scripts, data Files, Time Lines, Objects and Rooms.


I will not go over Scripts and Timelines, which are advacned features.


First of all, GameMaker can create any type of game, including 3D First Person Shooters, but before you start, you need to know what you are making. Too many games fail because of people not planning their games.


What makes a good game, and what things should you consider?


A Nice Story?

What type of game would it be?

What music would you use?

Is this idea cliche'd, and has it been done before?

Think, can I make this game? Don't bother making a game, if you know you can't. Don't kid yourself, you'll only waste your time. I know from experience.


While there is a sprite editor in GM, I'd suggest you use another program. What am I getting at? I'd suggest you gather all your resources before putting them in the game. Gather all your sprites and all your music. You'll need music, SFX, Backgrounds, and sprites.


If you don't want to rip sprites, you can always make 'em with the gm sprite editor



magnifying glass= makes things look bigger

The puzzle peice thing= switches the first colors to the second colors

pencil=default drawing tool


baster=color replacer

paintcan= fill

line=line tool

square= square tool

circle=circle tool

and the Text button


That's your tools to create one subimage.

When you are done, you can use the image, transform, and animation to alter your image/




Sounds are pretty straight foward. You import sounds and music. Pay attenton to the picture beside each music. USUALLY, Wavs can't play with wavs, and midis can't play with midis at the same time, e.t.c.



Just import a background




Objects are what your whole game is made from. Objects, objects, objects. When you create an object, you can assign a sprite to it. That's what sprites are for. Sprites and Objects co-exist with eachother. However you can make a game without sprites, that's advanced.


Here's the objects window.

Posted Image


I hope that explains.


I'll explain codes later.



paths: This kinda fallss into objects. You assign a route for an object to move with. There's an object action for these too.


Data Files: Extra information or files, like DLLs


rooms: Rooms, place objects in these, you can also code the rooms.




Codes are like actions, except slightly more advanced. There's a whole dictionary of codes, some where. I"m not explaning all codes. BUt if you want to know, Pm me, or download examples


Here's an example of a code

if not(place_free(x,y+1)) then   {   gravity = 0;   }else   {   gravity = 0.4;   }gravity_direction = 270;if (hspeed > 0) then{    hspeed -= 0.1;    }if (hspeed < 0) then{    hspeed += 0.1;    }

It's just a jump code.


Before using codes, I'd suggest you take a look at the actions, Drag And Drop, or OOP as I showed above.


Ok, and the menus:


Start menu


File: everything here is pretty much self explanitory, except for two things you might wanna know


Create Executable- instead of a .gmd file, it changes your file into .exe so everyone can play.


Merge Game- Merge two or more .gmd's together


Prefrences- Work space options, like coding colors and stuff


Edit/Add/Scripts: This is if you are too lazy to use the folders to create your game


Run: Test play your game


Windoow: who cares


Help: This shows legal information, contents, forums, legal info, and registration (that's right, Game Maker isn't free, of course you can always get a cut down version)



I guess, that's it, GameMaker in a Nutshell. Anythinh I should explain.


I typed this up right here in this add reply page, so there might be some spelling errors

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No, i am realy sorry, but GM is designed to make computer games only, maybe later there will come another version to make games for other consoles, but i dont think so.
Check the site of GM for more information:


Note: if you want to download GM you should download version 6.0 instead of the old version 5.3a.

Download 6.0:


If you stil want to download the old version for some reason:


BTW: i am working on a tutorial about GML (Game Maker Language, the programmer language of GM).

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I use it and I must say that it is a great game maker. It has a large community of people, and the program itself has great features.As for the GBA compatibility with Game Maker, I highly doubt it. How would it be possible in the first place.

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The problem with Gamemaker is that 90% of the games made with it are little 500 kb apps that lack any story or imagination.I've tried it out before, and figuring things out in it is extremely easy. I admit it is a very cool program :DAnybody care to link to GOOD games that have been made with Gamemaker, though?Cheers,ignition

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Sounds really cool, even if it isn't the most high tech game, it would be very interesting to build one because it would increase your knowledge of OOP and programming in general.I'm going to look into this! Thanks for the link...so is it like programming in C or PHP or what?And to the guy who said all the games were boring, if you take all the staff hired in a company who work ten hour shifts for about a year, to make a simple game. Now think of one guy or gal sitting in their home doing it for an hour a night, three nights a week, it won't be that spectacular.So I'm not really expecting to make the next Mario Brothers but it will still be a good programming adventure to go on!

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...GM is the easiest, but you cant want much from it

I do agree that it is the easiest but I think that if used in the right hands you can expect ALOT...Though it may take many, many years of experience to make it that good.

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