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Introduction To Mask Layers In Flash Mask Layers

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Flash Tutorial 3: Mask LayersMask Layers are a good way to show content underneath the top layer in a flash movie. To get familiar with the effect you really need to do it a few times to understand the potential.1. Start with the bottom layer you have already. Paste something into it that takes up most of the canvas ie. jpeg or something.2. Insert a new layer into the timeline. (select the layer 1 and click the button in the lower left corner of the window)3. Lock 'Layer 1'. (There is a lock next to the colored box for the layer on the left panel of the timeline window.4. Select layer 2 and using the text tool draw a box on the canvas and enter MASK into the text box.5. Right click 'Layer 2' and select MASK from the menu. 'Layer 1' should indent a bit and the icons for both layers should become blue and black checkered boxes. This means you successfully applied your mask layer.6. Preview your movie and ensure your mask is working. You should see whatever content you placed on 'Layer 1' but only what falls underneath the word MASK from 'Layer 2'.Mask layers are a cool tool to use so experimenting with them is worth it. The masked layers could also be something animated like fire or something. So you could get like a burning text effect. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

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