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Logic To Break Down An Access Tabbe To SQL what is the easiest way to split this?

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I have 3 differen tables in this database that are basically repeating the same data. How can I split it up and still use it.

This is the horse project :) the 3 tables are called Horse, Dam, Sire. the Horse table should be enough for all the data. (at least that is what I'm thinking) the Dam & Sire are used to track lineage and are setup Like this:


SireID; Horse; Sire; Dam; SireSire; SireDam; DamSire: DamDam; SireSireSire; SireSireDam; SireDamSire; SireDamDam; DamSireSire;DamSireDam; DamDamSire; DamDamDam; etc etc

The table is similar for the Dam, (DamId; Horse; Sire; etc etc


It's driving me nuts :)


I should be able to use something like:


HorseID; Horse; SireID; DamID; DateOfBirth; Gender;

Where the SireID and DamID corresponds with a HorseID


What happens is the data are entered in the Horse(always), Sire or Dame tables when a foal is born, then the lineage is entered manually.



Is this the right way to go or should I keep 3 tables??? I guess I have a lot of hours reading this :)mySQL Manual


Thanks for any tips or hints


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Try making one table in your own format:HorseID; Horse; SireID; DamID; DateOfBirth; Gender;All Sires and Dams would qualify for the same table. Now try breakin up other tables according to functionality..1. Say.. maintain one table with Just the Dam ID and Damn Name2. Another table with just Sire ID and Sire Name Now your Dam and Sire can be referenced by using just their IDs in your main table - data redundancy can be avoided as such. P.S. Could you be a little more clear on the Dam and Sire parts - as to what they do or what their meaning is - I'm pretty much challenged when it comes to horses and their lineage and am kind of groping in the dark. So knowing what exactly is going on would help me help you better..:: Cheers ::.

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