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Starter And Default Package Whats the difference?

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I notice I now have 10 post and I consider them to be relatively good post. I was goingn to do the request but also saw the there is another package if you have 50 good post. I'm not sure which one to get, well the real question I want to know is what's the difference. I when in to the thread and read the rule. Not to sure about how to post my request. I'm a noob when it comes to computer terms. I'm sure the are easy to, most people here. So can someone tell me what the differences are and or where to look for the info, and how to post a request and what each thing they ask for is.


Once you feel that you have enough nice posts. Request here your Domain or Sub-Domain.( what's the difference between a domain and sub-domain?)

IF you are opting for Domain hosting, You must point your domain to our nameservers :- ( what's this mean, I'm lost point you domainto our nameservers????)

1> Your FTP and Cpanel Details would be Mailed or PMed to you. Those details would also be posted here.( what's FTP and Cpanel?)
I get rules 2 and 3 be active.

U can Access Cpanel in Following Ways : - (can someone explain this)


You can directly FTP the IP address we gave you and upload your files.
Once you enter your username and password, you will be automatically be redirected.(This to can I get a explaination)

If you are using UNI.CC domain, then please check out this link.Configuring DNS settings at uni.ccsetting up your site. ( another thing I don't understand, can I get a explanation)

Thanks in advance to all how help me out.

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