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Xbox Live. Madden 2005 Disc Glitch Disconnect from your opponent.

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At the beginning of the game press start. Go to substitutions. After that go to Iform Normal, Look for your LG, Substitute your LG for you backup C, after that look for your C substitute him for the LG that you substituted. Now run a play in Iform Normal. Now any time during the game you feel like quiting and pissing someone off just go back to your substitutions then go to Iform Normal & press Y then "Yes" Then go to Iform Normal run a play in that then when you get to the line of scrimage it should disconnect. This glitch is alright except for the fact that it exits both people out so if you dont want any DNFS dont use thisIf anyone has the Disc glitch which makes only your opponent lose connection please PM me with it.

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