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Convert a byte array to an int and vice versa

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Due to a horrible file i/o system I have to use at work (reads in a file and returns an array of bytes), I needed to write a conversion scheme for making these bytes into ints and back again. I'll post it up here for you guys. Note: this only handles the PC's little endian-ness.uint32 GetInt32( uint8 *pBytes ){ return (uint32)(*(pBytes + 3) << 24 | *(pBytes + 2) << 16 | *(pBytes + 1) << 8 | *pBytes);}void Int32ToUInt8Arr( int32 val, uint8 *pBytes ){ pBytes[0] = (uint8)val; pBytes[1] = (uint8)(val >> 8); pBytes[2] = (uint8)(val >> 16); pBytes[3] = (uint8)(val >> 24);}

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i think you are confused tux.
the type of conversion you are talking about is type casting...

for example... type casting the character 'A' to an integer would create Integer 65 (the ascii code of A)

you can convert a char string into a long integer with the command strtol...
since your name is tux, ill asume your owrking in linux.. read the man page. "man strtol"

an example program...

long int number;char string = new chat[ 1024 ];cout << "neter a number" << endl;cin >> stringnumber = strtol(string,(char **)NULL, 10);cout << "you entered " << number << endl;delete [ ] string

where the parameter 10 means use base 10 uniits, and the parameter NULL means use NULL as the string terminator.

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