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Cone Bearing Bomag Rotation

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First, keep turnover bomag harmless taper and its surrounding environment
Even a small amount of invisible to the naked eye, dust cone volume will increase turnover of wear, vibration and noise. Cone bomag bearing and dust attachments, especially tools and sewerage systems also need to place of work.
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Second, the careful installation
Stamping, does not allow the difference through direct bomag type cone SKF 6203 Deep Groove Ball Bearing. The mobile communication
Three, clerical and accurate
Therefore, when feasible, make every effort to avoid the use of tools and short fibers.
Four bearings, prevent XiuShi bomag taper
Directly grasp the extraction of bomag cone must fully wash the sweat and the high quality mineral oils of the rainy season, and FangXiu gives special attention to in the summer. However, in the concrete operation conditions can be calculated more traditional minister bearing, especially lenient. These operating conditions (if a gradual, continuous orbit) effective and lubricating oil film may limit isolation. In fact, in an ideal condition, the life expectancy of permanent cable steps cone is possible.
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With headquarters using conditions and technical specifications of the environmental conditions, accurate choice is to ensure that the possibility of the cone bearing life expectancy and turnover.
1, using location: the application of the burden of cone bomag steps is to achieve won two wheel pair, share and circulation is usually the hub motors and the difference, dynamic and bevel gears, the host, order.
Speed: 2, approval to set up the correct and good conditions, to make up for smooth in NTN tapered 0.3 0.5%. Under normal circumstances, limit of 0.2 double track.
Posted Image
Third, QingXieJiao: cone axis of substandard housing Laurent, declines in discretionary will not exceed 200.
4, to allow the normal temperature, the burden of gas, oil and lubricant condition and enough gas, cone 30 ℃ bearing at room temperature to 150 ℃.

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