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Have you ever noticed when visiting older friends or relatives when the old folks get to talking they start retelling the same old stories that they have told you for years. You practically know ever word before they say it. Don't know if it's senility or just the fact that getting old is a pain in the *bottom* and the folks are just trying to relive better times in their lives by reliving the old memories.


But anyway, to my point. In June I will have been a member here for 7 years. And I am no spring chicken. And since the forums have been so slow lately, and my life so generally boring, I have had a heck of a time thinking about new things to post about. There aren't a lot of new people coming in so there aren't enough new messages from other people to answer, leaving me to delve into my memory to come up with some funny or otherwise interesting things to write about. Which leads to my problem. Having been here so long I don't remember everything I have written about. It's too time consuming to dig threw the posts of the last 7 years to see if I have touched on the subject before. But I don't want to get in trouble for reposting the same things again, and of course, I don't want to look like one of those old fuddy duddies that keep repeating past glories. It's becoming quite a dilemma for me. So, anyway. If I repeat myself, bear with me. So here's a rather funny dog customer story.


Some years ago I had a customer purchase a puppy from me. As is fairly normal, she picked out the puppy some weeks before it was actually old enough to send to her. Most people in this situation do contact me occasionally asking after the puppy and requesting updated pictures as the puppy grows, but this particular woman started to become a real PIA. She was in New York, so the time difference also became a rather annoying problem. One time she called me at 2 am and wanted to know what size rhinestone studded collar to buy for the puppy. I got a similar call when she found a black leather motorcycle type jacket she wanted to buy for the puppy. All in all she was driving me pretty crazy. I knew she would be very good to the puppy and spare no expense for it, but all those 2 am calls wear rather thin on my temperament. She finally got her puppy, and all was well in the world again. However, about a year later she called again. Wanted another puppy. Seems when she got the first one her boyfriend had bought it for her, while she was still living at home with her parents. Seems her mother told her that it was ok if she married this guy, but if she did marry him and move out she could not take the dog! I thought it was pretty funny that she would give up her daughter but not the dog! Anyway, before she could get married she had to buy her mother a new puppy.


Another favorite story is the fellow who was going to buy a puppy from us on one of our trips to Quartzsite, Az. He came by our set up once by himself, saw a Mini Schnauzer puppy he really liked, but I guess he wanted to see how his family would react to the puppy first before he bought it. So he came back awhile later with a hole herd of children, must of been at least half a dozen of them. Each and every child picked a different puppy. One kid would be holding a puppy and say, Daddy, I want this one. To which he would reply, you can have any puppy you want as long as you pick that one. (meaning the one he had picked earlier.) Now keep in mind, this guy was a big burly dude, not the kind you would expect to be all emotional about a puppy. As each and every child picked out a puppy and asked him if they could have that one he would calmly reply you can have any puppy you want as long as you pick that one. He had to say it with every single child. I was absolutely cracking up every time he said it, trying my best to keep a straight face, it just wasn't happening. But in the end, Daddy did finally get his puppy!

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