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Problem with XMB

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i cannot instal XMB forum on my host!
i created mysql database for it, and set config.php, but i cannot instal it. i recieve this error

nstalling XMB 1.8 Partagium[br][/br][br]Database connection error!!![/br]A connection to the Database could not be established.[br]Please check your username, password, database name and host.[/br]Also make sure config.php is rightly configured![br][/br]When connecting, the database returned:[br]Error 1045: Access denied for user: 'hatebree@' (Using password: YES)

config.php file is like this[/br]
<?php[br]/* $Id: config.php,v 2004/07/20 17:51:31 ajv Exp $ */[/br]/*[br]    XMB 1.8 Partagium[/br]    Š 2001 - 2003 Aventure Media & The XMB Developement Team[br]    http://http://www.aventure-media.co.uk/;    http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/;    For license information, please read the license file which came with this edition of XMB[br]*/[br][/br]// Database connection settings[/br]    $dbname     = 'hatebree_hatebreexmb';       // Name of your database[br]    $dbuser     = 'hatebree';       // Username used to access it[/br]    $dbpw       = '*****';     // Password used to access it[br]    $dbhost     = 'hatebreed.uni.cc';  // Database host, usually 'localhost'[/br]    $database   = 'mysql';  // Database type, currently only mysql is supported.[br]    $pconnect   = 1;        // Persistent connection, 1 = on, 0 = off, use if 'too many connections'-errors appear[/br]    [br]// Table Settings[/br]    $tablepre   = 'xmb_';   // Table-pre[br][/br]// Path-settings[br]    // In full_path, put the full URL you see when you go to your boards, WITHOUT the filename though!![/br]    // And please, don't forget the / at the end...[br]    $full_url   = ''http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Plugin Settings[/br]    $plugname[1]    = '';       // Added plugin name, to create another plugin, copy and change [1] to [2] etc[br]    $plugurl[1]     = '';       // This is the location, link, or URL to the plugin[/br]    $plugadmin[1]   = 'no';     // Is this plugin only for admins? Set to yes for admins, no for public[br][/br]// max image size in kilobytes. We do not check for image dimensions. This is approximately 0.95 MB in size[br]// If you have a limited hosting budget, you might want to cut this right down[br][/br]$max_attach_size = 1000000;[br][/br]// Registration settings[/br]    /***************[br]     * Registrations from the same IP to happen more than once per 24 hours,[/br]     * To allow[br]     * turn the following option 'off'. Meaning instead of the default:[/br]     * $ipreg = 'on';[br]     *[/br]     * change it to:[br]     * $ipreg = 'off';[br]     *[/br]     ****************[/br]     * The ipcheck, checks if your IP is a valid IPv4 or IPv9 type, if none of these, it will kill.[br]     * this might shut a few users out, so you can turn it off by changing the $ipcheck variable to 'off'[/br]     ****************/[br][/br]    $ipreg          = 'on';[br]    $ipcheck        = 'off';[/br]?>

please helpme!

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It's nothing to do with file permissions; the error is with MySQL.

Error 1045: Access denied for user: 'hatebree@' (Using password: YES)

I am assuming your MySQL username is 'hatebreed', not 'hatebree'. Try changing this for starters.
Then try changing the host to localhost, rather than the public IP address.

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