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Will You Help Me Building My Earning Website?

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Hi friends,


I am an active on-line worker for more than five years to have a moderate home based earning. I grew up learning things and finally realized that the potential I have to earn from my work is much more than that of a number of sites which paid me for the same works in my earlier days. I shifted my focus from working for others to working for myself. Because, my own site will help me earn for lifetime for the labour I had put up in comparison to that of one time earnings I received from my valued works for other sites. But, I want help and suggestions from my friends whom I consider much knowledgeable then myself, so as to up-lift my web site in the form of a blog to the next level.


I am really poor to understand web designing, web tools, SEO, etc. A lot of things pass above my head and I just keep scratching my skull all the time to understand the IT Jargon. I can afford to buy web space but, just for my lack of knowledge in proper utilization of the facilities available, I am not opting so far.


I want to build a website where I can categorize and sub-categorize my works so that one can assist everything inside my site by way of tab clicking, just as we do in case of Microsoft Excel worksheets. I have the contents with me scattered over this online world and want to gather them systematically under single banner and continue to add to them newer things.


Please suggest me how shall I approach. Whether, Microsoft Excel could be uploaded to blogs to avail the facilities we get offline?


Thank you in advance for your support. :)



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