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A Question For The Technologically Minded

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I was wondering if we have people among us who are either technology wizards or good problem solvers or both.

I would like help on achieving the following:


I run an internet radio station, and I broadcast from my laptop (when I play live, of course) using SAM Broadcaster.


Now, in order to use the microphone, you have to click on a button and hold the mouse, or there is a lock button which just switches the microphone on and leaves it on until you click the button again.


Now comes the hard part:


Does anybody know if it would be possible, without too much equipment or additional hardware needed, to make a light switch on (not on the laptop, an external lightbulb) as long as the microphone is switched on?


That light could then go outside the studio door, or somewhere above the DJ table, or even both, so that a)people outside the door know not to come in while the light is on and/or the DJ can see the microphone is on so he does not broadcast his whole love life over the air (or something similar) :P


Touch wood, so far I have not forgotten (yet) the microphone was operational while I was broadcasting, but you never know....


And, like I said, it would also be a good warning signal to the outside world so they do not mess your broadcast up.


Any ideas anyone?


Thank you.


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