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You would think with all the advertising Miricle Grow does to sell you potting soil for your house and garden plants, and to start vegtable seeds in the spring, they should have a really great product right? Wrong. Their potting soil is just about the worst dirt I have ever purchased. I thought last year maybe I just got a bad batch so I actually tired again this year, and if anything it was worse. Their seed starting soil has absolutly no nutrients at all for growing plants. My plants would get an inch or 2 tall and just stagnate or die off completly. I paid the extra money their name brand product in hopes of having some nice garden plants to set out, thinking I would save money since buying plants ready started has gotten quite expensive in recent years. And their regular garden soil is a pathetic excuse for garden soil. When you open the bag it looks like something that they tried to sell the year before as mulch that just got too rotten to sell as mulch so they are passing it off as garden soil. It's mostly bits of half rotten sticks and tree bark. I am seriously dissapointed in all of their products I have tried.


About the only way their crummy soil is any good for anything at all is if you mix it about half and half or 2 parts crummy miricle grow to one part rabbit poop. Now that makes for some great growing medium.


So the moral of this story is don't spend the extra cash for Miricle Grow. Buy some cheap off brand potting soil, and find a friend or neighbor who raises rabbits. Don't fall for their advertising hype, that's all it is, hype. It's a poor quality product that does not warrent you spending your hard earned cash on.

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