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Touhou 13.5

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The latest installment in the popular vertical shoot 'em up, Touhou is 13.5The story is about 3 Main religious factions: the Shintoist faction, led by Hakurei Reimu, the Buddhist faction, spearheaded by Hijiri Byakuren, and the Taoist faction, pioneered by Toyosatomimi no Miko.There's a feeling of gloominess in Gensokyo, after various disasters and shenanigans caused in the past, many of the villagers of Gensokyo stopped caring about their lives and went into disarray, seeing as there was nothing to stop those disasters, there's little point in living there anymore. (being this maybe the hopeless part of the story)so, the aforementioned factions believe that they should try to calm everyone down and seize control of the situation, restore order in Gensokyo and possibly gain followers along the way. (this being the masquerade part of the story)now lets talk about the gameplay.It looks quite similar to immaterial and missing power, evidenced by the lack of the spellcard and weather system present in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and it's expansion, Touhou Hisoutensoku; And judging by the trailer video, Aerial combat is much more predominant (AERIAL FOOTSIES OH BOY).The theme of the game is about popularity, appealing to the masses and gathering faith as one of the game modes in the game seems to be a match of "Best out of 5". Something else i noticed while looking at the video was a circle surrounding the portraits of the characters, it seems that is filled with negative or positive points by doing certain tasks like executing a combo, grazing attacks and the like. How this affects gameplay, i have no idea, but i am eager to find out when they release the game.Now about the characters.Reimu and Marisa are pretty much confirmed to be in the game, followed by (most likely) Miko and Byakuren. possibly we could see Suika and Sanae joining Reimu, Tojiko and futo entering Miko's side and Shou and Murasa being at Byakuren's side.there's almost no info about how each character will play, cept for Marisa and Reimu which look to be a lil projectile based (marisa more so as she's a magician). I could see Byakuren being able to buff her physical attacks, since she's more like a muscule wizard than anything (as she specializes in magic that strengthen physical abilities), and honestly i don't know how hearing 10 people at the same time could work for miko, unless that makes her have some precognitive abilities and somesuch.in any case, i'm eagerly looking forward to this game.

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