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Invention Or Innovation?

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Not sure if you would classifly this as an invention or an inovation, but either way, here is a way I solved one little problem.We put out some new trees this year, some Cherry trees and I was bound and determined they were going to live despite the drought and everything else that usually goes wroung when I plant trees. The ground in the spot I planted 2 of the trees is heavy clay soil. I can ammend the soil and improve the fertility of it over the next few years as the trees grow, but there was a real problem with watering them. The water just runs right off when it hits the hard packed clay and does the poor tree no good whatsoever. So I came up with a rather brilliant idea to fix them so the water could soak in slowly and actually give the trees some badly needed water. I just used a few of my left over cedar stakes from the building of the arbor, gathered up 4 milk jugs and punched a hole in the bottom of each one with a micro chip needle. Just zippy tied the handles of the milk jugs to the stakes to keep them from blowing away every time we had a little puff of wind, and now all I have to do is fill the jugs with water. With the small hole in the bottom the water leaks out nice and slow, it takes about 5 minutes for it all to run out, plenty of time for it to soak slowly into the ground. It's working great! Now, if the goats don't get out, or some careless person doesn't run over them or weed eat too close to the base of them in a few years maybe I will have some wonderful sweet cherries!post-44799-0-09615000-1343771279_thumb.jpg

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