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Easy Image Rotate Tutorial

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Well, since I'm new, I don't know what has been posted and what hasn't, so here's an easy-to-use php tutorial!

<?php@header("Pragma: nocache");$URL1="Your Image Source";$URL2="Your Image Source";$URL3="Your Image Source";$URL4="Your Image Source";$URL5="Your Image Source";srand((double) microtime() * 1000);$random = rand(1,5);if($random == 1)@header ("Location: $URL1");elseif ($random == 2)@header ("Location: $URL2");elseif ($random == 3)@header ("Location: $URL3");elseif ($random == 4)@header ("Location: $URL4");elseif ($random == 5)@header ("Location: $URL5");?>

Replace the 'URL1-5' with the image URLs, upload it to a hosting site, and there you go.

If you have more than five images, simply add

$URL5="Your Image Source";
$URL6="Your Image Source";


elseif ($random == 5)
@header ("Location: $URL5");
elseif ($random == 6)
@header ("Location: $URL6");

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