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4Th Of July In Squires Mo.

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Every year the volunteer fire department is Squires puts on a big 4th of July celebration, complete with carnival type rides and game booths for the kids, grilled burgers, and lots of good entertainment, all leading up to a big fireworks display at 10 pm. They mostly have local entertainers, but this year they had a guy singing that was really good, country/gospil singer and guitar player that writes his own music and all. He was very talented, had a great voice, I'm surprised he's not more famous. They also had a square dancing family that included 4 generations of dancers. Granted, they wouldn't of made it very far on dancing with the stars, but it was still fun to watch. And they had all the local politicians there, allowing them to give a (thankfully) short speach to introduce themselves to the audience. I have 2 favorite things I enjoy the most at the festival. First of course, is the homemade ice cream. And second, I love people watching there. You see everything from old hippies to gals that look like they got lost on the way to the disco. Babies in their mothers arms, old foggies with walkers, they all turn out for the Squires celebration. I did miss the exhibit the local trout farm usually puts on, they bring a big swimming pool filled with trout and let little kids fish for them, that is a real ball to watch, the kid just go crazy when they catch a fish. All in all it was a pleasent evening, and nice to get out and get away at least for a few hours.

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