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Remembering Michael Jackson

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While flicking through the music channels, It suddenly hit me that it was already the 25th of June.. I can't believe it but it has been 3 years since the King of Pop passed away. A lot of musicians, all legendary & extraordinary in their own ways have passed away but Michael Jackson's passing seemed to have affected people in a whole new way.As we all know, Michael did not live life conventionally... His life was overtly extravagant but he was also a great philanthropist. Riddled with controversies that bankrupted him, Michael's later years were difficult. The child molestation case almost derailed his career entirely and forced him to go disappear from the musical scene entirely.His comeback was announced, he was to perform a series of concerts beginning in the month of July (2009) and it seemed to be very promising since all tickets were sold out but sadly, Michael passed away even before his first comeback concert was to happen.

I personally am very saddened by how he was treated in life. Sure, he had his quirks but like every other human, he had his flaws. As fellow humans, we decided to focus on his flaws rather than his music and philanthropy. This is in no way a justification for some of his moronic decisions.I think it is about time to forget Michael's flaws and simply listen to the amazing music he created. As a kid, I had collected a lot of Michael Jackson memorabilia including clothing, accessories and music tapes.. I also had this very shady video game created by Sega called "Moonwalker" Anyone else had this game?A few of my favorite tracks are Dirty Diana, Man in the mirror, smooth criminal and Billie Jean (Both me and my dad love this track).So, does anyone else still miss Michael Jackson?

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I generally like Michael Jackson and his music. His contribution to dance, music, recording …. Made him a global personality for decades.…. As Velma said every man has his own flaws…. And of course even we may not know whether the news about him was 100% right, all we know is, his music and his performance at his excellence, which of course is a known true fact and his death actually triggered this world with outburst of grief….

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