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Mumbai is the dreamland of every individual who comes to this place with a dream, that one day he will achieve something brilliant in life. It is true that people achieve many things in Mumbai. For someone life becomes very difficult in this place and they live this place. But for someone life is really beneficial and they stick to this place. Everyday innumerable people come to Mumbai for various reasons. Some for a living, some for better education and some want to fulfil their dreams. But whatever it might be...Mumbai welcomes everyone heart fully. Mumbai is famous for many things. Its richness, crowded trains, skyscraper building and we should not forget our Vada-Pav. It is one of the famous things that mumbaites are aware of...There are many famous places in Mumbai. The Gateway of India, Elephanta caves, Taj hotel along with Oberoi Hotel. The Siddivinayak temple and the blessing of Lord Ganesha has always been the strong point of Mumbai. The spiritual environment is really blissful one during Ganesh Puja in Mumbai.How can we forget the Bollywood? One of the big charming world of Mumbai. Young stars with an inspiration to become an actor or actress, they come to this place to fulfil their dreams. Many end up being in small place and some in wrong place. Only one makes it to the top and for him it is a cherishable moment.If you are a hardworker, you always get an outlet to move forward in Mumbai. If you stop yourself becoming disheartened with your failures or wrong experience. Then it is very difficult to survive.At some point pressure is too high in this place. Where survival becomes very difficult to you...but we have no other option, but to hold our nerves...that something good is waiting for you. We cannot lose our hope and faith. These are the things that always drive us to move further.In other words Mumbai is our Mother who always holds you in your arm, if you have a faith in it. So make your heart beat for Mumbai.

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