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Its been a really long time since I played any flash games (Responsibilities can do that to you >_< ) but when I bumped into another topic discussing favorite flash website, I HAD to create this topic in remeniscence of all the flash games I have excessively played and completed...

Burrito Bison Revenge, if you like squishing gummy bears with the help of a catapult and other goodies, you are gonna love this one

Amateur Surgeon series, because we all like playing doctor with a lighter and a stapler :P

Robot Unicorn Attack :- The sheer mindlessness of both song & game is strangely hypnotizing.

Bible Attack :- For once, the computer actually kicks booty.

Hemp Tycoon :- Same old farmvillish game but in this dimension, instead of veggies, fruits & flowers you grow WEED!

This is the only level :- If any of you have played "The Idiot Test" http://www.addictinggames.com/funny-games/theidiottest.jsp and liked it, you will most definitely LOVE this one.

LEARN TO FLY :- Who doesn't want to help this cute little penguin learn to fly http://www.addictinggames.com/action-games/index.jsp

I don't remeber the name but this bridge building game where mario lookalikes need your help in transporting boxes.. I must admit, I have built shoddy bridges just so that I could hear their little funny shrieks :P

Games from http://www.adultswim.ca/ , Maxgames.com & addictinggames.com


Not included in this list but one of my favorites :-

stick figures killing stick figures,

stick figures doing gymnastics(addicting games),

stacking games

This amazing physics game where you rotate the room in order to get the object from one place to another.

Some random water scooter racing game.. You pick goodies as you ride that include bombs, missiles & tear gas I think.

I think it is time for me to enter gamer rehab :lol:

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