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Need Serious Guy Advice!

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So I was talking to this guy for about five or so months. He's 24, tomorrow I'll be 19. We worked together for two and a half years but just started being friends around May. Well, over the summer we became a lot closer, then I moved 2 and a half hours away to go to school, but still we continued to talk. We would text 1000 times in one week, every day, all day, we told eachother everything. When I would go home, he would blow my phone up about when he could pick me up. I've hung out with his family more than once. He would randomly kiss my forehead and tell me how much he liked me. He blew his friends off to hang out with me. We never had sex, but we did everything else. We never officially dated. <<<< BackgroundThen, over my break, I went back to the place to work again. Well, obviously people are gonna notice something's going on. People started talking to him about me, telling him if he wasn't serious he needed to tell me because I was gonna get hurt. Then he tells me he doens't wanna date and that he can't have me getting all attached. WHAT DID HE EXPECT?!?!?! Why did he do that?? That was a week before Christmas. We haven't talked since. He completely just dropped me and I don't understand why! Or how he could go from talking to me all the time to not at all. Does he even miss me?! What should I do?? He definitely had feelings for me, right?? Guys don't act like that if they don't. What's the best way to approach this? I still really like him and I'm not ready to give up yet...OH, and side note: He's not texting me but he does comment on all my facebook stuff, which is interesting because he NEVER posts on facebook.

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