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Advice And Help With First Boyfriend

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This is my first relationship I have ever had and I have never been happier.My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 6 months now and we are still going strong and I do believe we are soul mates, meant to be and will defiantly have a future together, he also agrees. We have everything in common and we never fight and it is always fun to be together, it is like having a best friend as your true love. This is mine and his first relationship and so we are both very new to these new things, I for one have no idea what I am doing, at least he has a bit of knowledge and research of what to do.I have a rough idea of what to do from observation from others, but I am still a little unsure. He has been teaching me a lot of things about what couples do and how each gender feels. It isn't perverted! ><I wanted to understand how males minds work to know how he thinks, so he truthfully told me. He says he wants honesty and would never lie or exaggerate or anything like that so he told me. He is very bold and truthful when it comes to these topics. He says since he is a guy he has obviously done research of it when he was young and was curious. I never really thought I'd find someone so I never payed attention to things such as these and now when it comes down to it, I have no idea what to do and if I should be doing it and how I should be feeling.When we first started dating I told him that I made a promise to myself that my first kiss would be the one I'd marry, and he agreed, and I had my first kiss. We were a very shy and awkward couple back then. 3 months into the relationship, we finally built up the courage to go beyond holding hands and peeks on the check into proper kissing. About 3 or so weeks after that we asked if it was okay to try tongue. He said that he will always ask before ever trying something and made sure that it wasn't a one sided thing. I agreed and I really admired his responsibly and respect, unlike some guys I hear that have no respect for girls.I asked him out of curiosity recently of what he wanted from me, seeing as I was trying to understand the male's mind. He truthfully said to touch my breasts. I was very shocked, surprised and embarrassed. But he told me that every guys thinks this because it is just human nature. He also said he wouldn't try anything or think of doing anything unless I also willingly agreed.I asked that if he really wanted to. He said yes, but he wouldn't. I said would it make him happy if I said yes. He said only if I willingly agreed and that he wouldn't force or pressure me. But I wanted to make him happy and I knew that he wanted this. So I agreed, but not raw, only on the top. I was very shocked and embarrassed when he touched me, but I knew I made him happy.But now, it seems that all he wants is my body and I am a bit scared. So I asked him this and he said that is is not the case because he really does love me and listen to me emotionally and etc, but also has male urges. He also said that he has trouble saying to me and showing me how much he loves me, so he said he sows this with his actions, that is why we seem to always be kissing when we are together, But sometimes, I don't want to always do this, I want us to be together and do other things besides always this, like playing games or watching movies or relaxing at home cuddling and talking. But I understand that guys don't work like that, so I don't mind I guess, it can't be helped and as long as he means that he is just not wanting my body to please his lust, I am happy.I said to him that I have Christian values, like sex before marriage and he agrees, he is Catholic so that is good. Once he was touching my breasts recently and he stopped saying that of he continued he'd want to go further.I was happy that he stopped an said that so I know that he has self control. But then a few days later he asked if it was alright to touch under my top. I didn't directly answer him, cause I don't want to because if touching over my top made him want to go further, imagine what he would do if he got that I thought. I asked him and he said he would never ever do anything related to sex with me, but I still think about what he feels and wants and I am a sucker for him, always trying to please him, But I do not want to do this... not yet anyway.I must confess that I do lack communication with him and never really tell him how I feel like if I have a headache or if I am sure with something.If it is possible I would like advice. Am I doing anything wrong or right?Thank you

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