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Using Randomly Generated And Integrating A Retweet/share Button

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I am trying to create a randomly generated phrase that can easily be shared amongst social media websites, specifically twitter. I am using the following PHP code to generate a random phrase.
This code looks in 'responses.txt' for a line with a phrase and I can call that line.

<!-- HEADER --><?php$randomThings = file('**responses.txt**', FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES | FILE_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES);?><!-- CALL SCRIPT --><?phpecho $randomThings[mt_rand(0,count($randomThings)-1)];?>

How would I be able to have, for example, retweet button next to this generated line that retweets the phrase with a predetermined #hatchtag (via #[websitename]).

I'm more interested in the twitter aspect, but other social media websites could help other people.

I'm not too familiar with how Twitter API works, so I was wondering if anyone knew how I could call it in PHP.

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